whole-house rewiring serviceWhen your home was originally wired, technicians could not anticipate all of the ways you would eventually use electricity. When your older home was built, electricians could not have foreseen the advent of widespread computer usage, microwaves, flat screen TVs, and air conditioning systems. In some cases, making minor changes to your wiring simply will not solve large scale problems with the electrical components of your home, and you’ll need to hire a technician for whole-home rewiring.

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When Electrical Problems Indicate Wiring Problems

Sure, you’ve noticed a few electrical problems, but your lights and appliances still turn on and off when you need them, for the most part. Do you really need to call an electrician? In most cases, the answer is yes. Even seemingly minor electrical problems can indicate a hazard in your home, or that the power will shut off when you need it most. Faulty wiring is a fire hazard, and rewiring is often the best way to overcome this problem. Your family’s safety is your top priority, so if you have not had your wiring inspected recently, the following signs should lead you to call an electrician as soon as possible:

  • Your appliances frequently trip the breakers or blow the fuses.
  • Lights tend to dim or flicker on and off.
  • Outlets or light switches feel warm to the touch.
  • Ungrounded outlets throughout the home (two prong instead of three).
  • A burning smell in a room or from an appliance.

Other Signs You Need House Rewiring

There are a couple of other signs that house rewiring may be your best option. If your wiring is over 40 years old, it may not be up to code. Wires can deteriorate over time, and may pose safety concerns. This is especially true if you have aluminum wiring which may loosen up and overheat, leading to a fire. Finally, you may decide to upgrade your wiring simply because you want to add more power to accommodate more gadgets and appliances without adding power strips, which can also be very unsafe.

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