There’s a lot more about house rewiring than meets the eye. If you’ve recently moved to Santa Rosa, CA and is clueless how rewiring works, it’s best to holler for help from professional electricians.

However, you should understand that rewiring is a big job and shelling out a few dollars is needed to get it done perfectly. Cheap wiring works can only result in more damage, or worse, terrible accidents. If you’re looking to know how much house rewiring will cost you, we have these guides to help you out.

Ask an electrician’s advise

If you’re completely clueless on what to consider in the whole rewiring process, go and set an  appointment with an expert. Electricians in Santa Rosa, CA are a lot of help if you know where to find them. Some might even assess your house rewiring for free.

During this process, you’ll know if your house needs major or minor rewiring. If your house has an accessible wiring and a lot of crawl space, it may fall in the minor category. This will let you spend less than major process.

However if the electrician needs to dig holes or remove the whole drywall, chances are, you’re in for a total rework. The same thing if you need to upgrade or replace wirings and outlets, or if the house is old and needs a total upgrade.

Rewiring a whole house is like construction work. If you’re not sold in coming to a home full of mess while in the process, don’t occupy it while works are underway. If you’ve already move in, you can take the whole family on a vacation somewhere while electricians do their job in your house.

Fix building permits

Once the electrician advised the work that needs to be done, you have to secure permits from the local government in your area. Rewiring projects will need to be inspected and follow standard codes to meet the National Electrical Code.

Permits alone can range from $250 to $500. If you don’t want to go through this whole process yourself, you can always hire electricians in the area and they’ll take care of everything that goes with it. 

Know the works

When you’re searching for the best electricians in the area, opt for the ones who has a record of expertise in the field. Rewiring and electrical work is not something anyone can do. The best professionals were trained and educated well to be able to provide this service. 

It also follows that you need to know what’s in the fees of rewiring works. Ask them the labor costs, including all the men who’ll be hired in the project. Also, know what materials they’ll be using and discuss if you prefer it to be included in their fees, or buy them yourself.

Measure your house

Overall cost of rewiring speaks from $2000 to $30,000, depending on the size of the house, the materials, and how old it is.

Basic rewiring costs of an ordinary 3-bedroom house with an approximate measurement of 1000 sq. ft. can be calculated between $2000 – $6000. That’s about $2 to $4 per square foot.

If you’re just looking to rewire rooms, 2-bedrooms will cost about $250, while 4-bedrooms average to a $950. That is if there were no issues that’s going to be a problem during the process.

For houses with aluminum wires, your electrician will need to add copper wires to extend and connect them to the circuits. Copper wires are priced between $400 to $3000, depending on fixtures and outlet upgrades. Big spaces will also need longer wires, so expect to spend a few more bucks on materials.

Calculate rewiring costs

There’s plenty to consider in determining how much will be the overall fee for your house rewiring requirements. Once these items were identified, research on the pricing of materials plus the manual labor and service that comes with the whole set up.

Calculate the cost for this work to know how much budget you should prepare. Also consider the accidental costs that might happen along the way. Everything will be better if you do a little research.

Electricians can also calculate the pricing for you for the whole job. Go for the best electricians around Santa Rosa, CA so you’ll know you’re getting the best bang for your bucks.

Want to DIY?

There’s always the option of doing it yourself. If you feel confident enough to do the job, then go for it! Knowing some minor rewiring works will help you a lot in maintaining your house.

However, the price of not knowing everything about it might cost you more than paying for a packaged service. Inexperienced rewiring work may require you to spend longer hours, and is more susceptible to faulty accidents. 

There’s a lot to know about house rewiring to determine the cost of everything needed in it. If that’s too much to handle, you know that the best electricians in town will do the right service for you–with a smile. Allow us at Mister Sparky help you manage the costs of house rewiring better. Schedule an appointment today!