electrical control panelThere are several reasons you may want to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. Maybe you are remodeling your home or adding an extension. Maybe the house is really old with low amperage.

If you are doing electricity-related projects like burying an overhead power line, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade your electrical panel at the same time. If you are installing power-hungry appliances and amenities, you need to consider an upgrade as well.

Upgrading the electrical panel will help keep your home’s electrical system in good shape. However, it does cost a pretty penny.

Here’s how much an electrical panel upgrade will cost you:

Average electrical panel upgrade cost

If you are upgrading to, for example, 200 amps, the cost of the upgrade would be somewhere between $1,500 and $3,000. This is for an average-sized home. If you want to upgrade to 400 amps or more, the price will be considerably higher.

If an electrical services provider offers a lower rate than this, be wary. If their quote is significantly higher, you’ll want to ask for a detailed breakdown of the expenses.

When you request an upgrade of your electrical panel, some electricians will want you to install a surge protector for the entire house. This should cost between $200 and $500. The added expense should be worth it, given that it will protect your circuit breaker, electrical wiring, and appliances.

Upgrading your electrical panel is not a DIY task. Hire a licensed electrician to do it. A professional electrician can perform the task safely, coordinate with the electric company, and obtain the necessary permits for this job.