When it comes to your home’s electrical system, do you worry that the only repair work you know how to perform is replacing burnt out light bulbs and resetting tripped circuit breakers? You shouldn’t let this bother you, because anything more complicated than these tasks is a job that must be left to professional electricians.

Here are a few of the more common electrical repairs that will require you contact a licensed and trained electrician in Santa Rosa. You can depend on the professionalism and punctuality of the staff at Mister Sparky whenever you need repairs. We promise on-time arrival—or the service is free!

Some Common Electrical Repairs

  • Replacing outlets: When an outlet fails to work (and it isn’t because of a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse), don’t attempt to keep using it. Call for an electrician to replace the failed outlet. You should also do this if you noticing charring or discoloration on an outlet, since this indicates that an electrical fire has occurred in the wiring. Another reason to call for repairs to replace an outlet is when you detect that an outlet is hotter than normal or which sparks whenever you plug an appliance into it.
  • Replacing damaged wiring: Although common in older homes with outdated wiring, wires that fray at connection points are also common in houses with newer wiring. When you notice flickering lights or experience intermittent power losses in parts of the house, the issue is probably from wiring that needs replacement. Electricians will handle this work safely and make sure that wiring with the right insulation and the proper gauge is put in its place.
  • Service panel upgrades: When a home starts to experience numerous power losses because of tripped circuit breakers, often the source of the trouble is in the circuit breaker panel itself. Electricians can find if there are wiring issues in the electrical panel and whether the panel needs replacement. For older homes, the panel may simply no longer be able to handle the demands placed on it, and electricians will need to install a new panel that will match your home’s electrical power load.

For safety reasons and to make sure that a house remains up to local codes, all electrical repairs in a home must be left to professional electricians. Please do not make the error of attempting to tackle even a “simple” electrical repair on your own, or entrust the work to an amateur.

Call Mister Sparky for the services of a licensed and experienced electrician in Santa Rosa, CA. Our staff of professional electricians is ready 24 hours a day to assist you with any electrical worry in your home.