If you have an older home without updated electrical wiring, it may be time to schedule whole house rewiring services from a licensed contractor. Any time that a wiring renovation is involved in your home, you need a skilled, qualified professional to perform a thorough inspection and take the proper measures to ensure safety and quality.

So how do you choose the best company for the job? Here at Mister Sparky, we’d like to help you select the right contractor for your area, which may not necessarily be the fastest or the least expensive. If you need house rewiring services in Santa Rosa, call one of our superior electricians today.

Ask for Estimates of Time

Whole house rewiring is a complex job that will involve several hours spread out over multiple days. While you may decide to ask about money estimates, perhaps a more important question is how much time the job will take. Do not choose an electrician whose time estimate appears to be too short. While you may prefer to save a little bit of time, a thorough job should take multiple days if your home has multiple bedrooms. Furthermore, a quality electrician should be willing to work around your schedule. You can have an electrician restore power every night to retain standard living conditions when you return home. Or you can stay at a hotel or elsewhere to save a little extra time.

Check Reviews

If you’re unsure about the electrician you’ve called, try asking friends or neighbors for recommendations, or check around for reviews online. Sometimes, you can read authentic reviews on the contractor’s website. Other times, you’ll have to look towards external business review sites for customer recommendations.

Look for a Contractor that Also Offers Maintenance

Finally, it may be best to choose a contractor who offers the services that you will need in the near future. One of the most important of these is electrical maintenance. To keep your home safe, you should have an electrician visit your home every year to extend the life of your electrical system and prevent breakdowns and safety hazards. Choosing a contractor that offers maintenance means you won’t have to search around for a new electrician when the time comes.

Call Mister Sparky when you need house rewiring in Santa Rosa. Our electricians have years of experience rewiring homes, and our 37-point electrical check-up helps you to save money and ensure safety every year.