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Santa Rosa, CA Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Ceiling fans are an important element of properly heating and cooling your home or business. In the summer months, a ceiling fan can help to create a breeze to cool down a specific room or area. This takes some stress away from your home’s cooling system, as it doesn’t have to work as hard to bring your home to the temperature that you’ve set.

In the winter months, ceiling fans can even help your home stay warm. Simply reversing the ceiling fan’s rotation will push hot air down, helping to heat your home. This, again, will help to alleviate some stress from your heating system, as it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home.

For ceiling fan installation service that your Bay Area home can trust, get in touch with the professionals Santa Rosa electricians at Mister Sparky.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Ceiling Fan

Like every other appliance within your home, your ceiling fan has a limited life span. If your ceiling fan exhibits any of the following signs, consider replacing it with a newer fan.

Fan is Noisy

Your ceiling fan really shouldn’t make much noise at all. Sure, there might be a light background noise with higher fan speeds, but there shouldn’t be any other noises coming from the system. If your ceiling fan’s sounds extend past a light background noise, there could be a problem with the fan that requires a replacement.

Fan Won’t Turn On

A more noticeable problem signalling that a replacement is necessary is if your fan won’t turn on at all. Ensure that your fan is turned on by using the fan’s pull chain. If the fan still doesn’t turn on after pulling the chain, it likely needs to be replaced.

Fan Won’t Change Speeds

Ceiling fans have different speeds to meet our heating and cooling requirements. If your fan is stuck in just one speed, there could be an internal issue with the system. Contact a professional to inspect your fan and to see if repairs or a complete replacement is necessary.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

Reduced Energy Costs

Ceiling fans are great ways to help your HVAC system to heat and cool your home to the set temperature. Utilizing ceiling fans can lead to energy savings, as your HVAC system doesn’t have to stay on as long to bring your home to the set temperature.

Improved Airflow

Ceiling fans create strong airflow as they move. They’re incredibly effective ways to either heat or cool your home to your desired temperature, delivering a constant flow of air to any room within your home.

Your home’s heating system is great at creating heat to make your home comfortable. However, as we know, heat rises. Sometimes, the majority of your home’s heat can be closer to the ceiling. Reversing the rotation of your ceiling fan will help to bring that heat back down, helping to warm up those within your home.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Ceiling fans are typically very easy to clean and maintain. Usually, the extent of your maintenance will be to clean and dust the blades of the fan. Simply turn off the fan, get a study step stool or ladder, and clean off the blades of the fan.

If your ceiling fan has a light bulb, you’ll also need to occasionally replace the bulb to ensure that it’s always providing light.

Best Places to Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be installed according to your personal preference. Usually, ceiling fans should be installed in rooms that are often inhabited by yourself or your family members. Living rooms, bedrooms, and basements are all common places to install a ceiling fan, but you’re certainly not just limited to those areas.

Contact Mister Sparky For Ceiling Fan Installation

Mister Sparky of the Bay Area has been providing electrical services to families in the Bay Area for over twenty years. Get in contact with us today for more information or to schedule ceiling fan installation services that your home can count on.