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Lighting Repair: How to Replace a Light Ballast

fluorescent light repair

Have you noticed that one of your fluorescent light fixtures is flickering nearly every time it’s turned on? Or have you heard it producing a buzzing sound? If your lights are flickering…

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What Are the Benefits of 3-Way Switch Installation?

3-way switch

3-way switches are unique in comparison to a standard switch. These switch types are useful when you want to control a single light or fan from two different switches. Most households find…

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Lighting Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lighting Solutions

There are different types of lighting techniques for different kinds of rooms. According to function, space and placement, each of the rooms exude a distinct kind of personality when it comes to…

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5 Things to Consider in Buying Track Lights

track light

Before buying any product, it is highly recommended to check the benefits it can give. Whether or not you’re an expert at something great, it’s safe not to bypass quality before buying…

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DIY Lighting Repair: Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting repair

Maintaining your home isn’t rocket science but getting to know the fundamentals of lighting repair gives you an advantage. Checking electrical wires and switches must be the top priority before even turning…

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Light Bulb

light bulbs

If you’re done with setting up your wiring at home, then it is time to check the overall quality of your light bulb. Is it still providing the quality you deserve? If…

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7 Health Benefits Of LED Lighting

Aside from helping us lower our energy bills, LED lighting also does wonders for our health. How? Read on to learn about some of the health benefits of LED lighting. Health Benefits…

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3 Life Hacks For Better Kitchen Lighting

In many homes, the kitchen is the nerve center. It’s where families spend most of their time together — preparing meals, chatting, entertaining guests, and doing homework. It serves as the dining…

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Upgrade Your Home With Versatile Track Lights

track light fixtures

Gone are the days of track lights on bulky tracks and with unattractive fixtures. Today, whatever your design sense, there are track lights that will surely fit the bill. These lighting solutions…

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Transform Your Home With The Magic Of Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting

Good lighting is important in the kitchen. You need sufficient light to be able to safely cook your meals. Good kitchen lighting also makes the space more comfortable and inviting. It also…

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