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What’s Missing From Your Portable Generator Safety Checklist?

portable generator

Portable generators are a critical part of any home because they can be used if the power is out during a storm or a natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado or…

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Installing a Stationary Generator

Are you thinking about installing a stationary generator soon? If yes, you must have had enough of those power outage and, worse, blackout problems. Read on and discover your best resolve. A…

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How to Choose the Right-Size Home Generator for Your Home

portable home generator

Have you experienced any of these scenarios? You are watching your favorite TV show when the power goes out without warning. You are typing an important article on your PC, but before…

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Why Schedule a Generator Installation?

home generator

If you have ever lost power to your home, you are well aware of just how inconvenient such a problem can be. For some homeowners, power outages are a fairly common occurrence. Whether you frequently experience power outages or if you just want a bit of protection against such an event in your home, Mister Sparky has the right products and services for you.

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