Journeyman ElectricianExperiencing electrical issues in your home can be very stressful and inconvenient. Electrical issues can also cause serious safety concerns for your home as electrical problems can lead to fires or serious property damage.

These problems require a licensed electrician to identify and fix any problems in your home. But hiring an electrician can be a very stressful as they vary in experience and skill level. But how do you know which type of electrician you need?

What is a journeyman electrician?

If you have ever had to hire an electrician you will quickly learn that there are different classifications of electricians based on experience and certification. A journeyman electrician is an electrician that is part-way through the training process, with the goal of becoming a master electrician.

A journeyman is licensed to work without direct supervision and can inspect and install wiring, outlets, and fixtures. A major difference between a journeyman and a master electrician is a journeyman cannot get permits on their own and they need to follow a master’s plans and directions.

How does a journeyman become a master?

A journeyman can take classes for master certification and must pass a special test to be certified as a master. A master typically has three to six years of experience working as a journeyman.

What type of electrician should I hire for my job?

If your job is a standard repair or emergency fix, a journeyman electrician is certified to complete the job. But if you’re starting a remodel job that requires novel blueprints and permits, your job might require a master electrician. A consultation with a certified electrician can help determine what type of electrician is best suited for your job.