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Lighting Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lighting Solutions

There are different types of lighting techniques for different kinds of rooms. According to function, space and placement, each of the rooms exude a distinct kind of personality when it comes to…

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Costs of Rewiring a House in Santa Rosa, CA

House Rewiring

There’s a lot more about house rewiring than meets the eye. If you’ve recently moved to Santa Rosa, CA and is clueless how rewiring works, it’s best to holler for help from…

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Useful Energy Saving Tips for Your Home in Santa Rosa, CA

Home Energy Saving Tips

Whether it’s all about lowering your electricity bills, or helping the environment, saving energy is a must for all, especially at home.  Simply put, energy saving at home is more than just…

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Electrician’s Updates: Wiring a New House in Santa Rosa, CA

Journeyman Electrician Wiring Home

If you think that moving into a new house only includes plumbing, interior design and cleaning, then you are practically missing a very important part– the wiring system. When working on wiring…

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Workplace Electrical Safety Tips | Mister Sparky Bay Area

Workplace Electrical Safety

Workplaces nowadays are filled with various electrical appliances. Workplace injuries caused by electrocution or shock are more common. That’s why it’s essential to know some workplace electrical safety tips. Workplace Electrical Safety…

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Electricity Safety Tips To Protect Your Home

Electricity Safety Tips

Learning some electrical safety tips to protect your home is vital. Fires can occur due to faulty electrical wiring or overloading. In fact, there are many cases that even led to death…

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Electrical Wiring Requirements for Swimming Pools

Electrical Requirements for Swimming Pools

Swimming pools come in different sizes, depths, and shapes. Each of these will have different needs for lighting, pumps, and so on. So, pack yourself with knowledge about electrical wiring requirements for…

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Hot Tub Wiring: Electrical Installation for Spa and Sauna

We all know that water and electricity don’t mix together. But hot tub wiring is prevalent in the spa and sauna industry. So, how can you ensure safety for both you and…

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Do’s And Don’ts for Home Entertainment System Wiring

Home Entertainment System Wiring

Bought a new home theater system? Before you start enjoying watching your favorite shows, set it up properly. Pay special attention to your home entertainment system wiring. Dos and Don’ts for Home…

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4 Signs You Should Schedule a Home Wiring and Electrical Inspection

electrician checking the wiring

Owning a house is more than just cleaning it and repainting it from time to time. You should check every part of it and ensure everything works fine. That’s why getting a…

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