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The Benefits of Energy Conservation Services in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, California area

Lowering the amount of energy you use in your home is both a way to reduce the strain on your budget and to lower your impact on the environment. Energy conservation is good for both you and the planet. However, you might find yourself struggling with the best ways to save energy, aside from obvious tactics like remembering to turn off lights…

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7 Health Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting

As lighting technology continues to change, companies within the lighting industry must be able to adapt in order to keep up with the changing landscape. LED lighting is currently dominating the lighting…

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Why Won’t My Home’s Motion Sensor Lights Turn Off?

Motion sensor light

Motion sensor lights are a nice security and safety feature for your home. They’re also a great way to save energy on outdoor lighting. But if your Motion Sensor Light Won’t Turn…

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Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Electricity Bill

Electrical bills

Whether your electric bills seem too high, or you want to lower your energy consumption for the sake of the environment, there are many easy ways to save energy around your house….

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Should I Leave My Christmas Lights on All Night?

Christmas lights

As winter weather begins to stir and families everywhere begin to put up their Christmas trees, countless strands of lights will undoubtedly be hung, both on trees and houses. With that being…

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What’s Missing From Your Portable Generator Safety Checklist?

portable generator

Portable generators are a critical part of any home because they can be used if the power is out during a storm or a natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado or…

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Bulb

Light bulb

When it comes to Choosing the Right Light Bulb for your fixture, room, or space, you better go to the store prepared. Lighting technology has changed a lot recently, and if you…

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Why You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection

Your car is inspected regularly to keep your vehicle running efficiently and find potential problems with your vehicle. The same should be done for your home’s electrical system. Like your car, you…

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Lighting Repair: How to Replace a Light Ballast

fluorescent light repair

Have you noticed that one of your fluorescent light fixtures is flickering nearly every time it’s turned on? Or have you heard it producing a buzzing sound? If your lights are flickering…

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What Are the Benefits of 3-Way Switch Installation?

3-way switch

3-way switches are unique in comparison to a standard switch. These switch types are useful when you want to control a single light or fan from two different switches. Most households find…

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