There are many ways in which a reliable, efficient electrical system improves your daily life. One of the most important services you can receive from your professional Santa Rosa, CA electrician is a professional carbon monoxide detector installation. Dependable electricity can keep your home comfortable and convenient, but it can also help to keep your home as safe as possible. If you have any questions about why your home needs a carbon monoxide detector, or if you would like to schedule a Santa Rosa, CA carbon monoxide detector installation, contact Mister Sparky today. Here is some information to consider regarding carbon monoxide and your safety.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no odor or taste. It is also invisible. All of this means that it is notoriously difficult to detect. The problem here is that carbon monoxide can also be lethal in high enough concentrations. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels, including natural gas, gasoline, propane, wood and many other common fuel sources. It is because of this byproduct that proper ventilation in your home is so important, as well as professional installation and maintenance services for devices and appliances that consume such fuels.

While carbon monoxide may not have any color, odor or taste, it can be detected in your home with the use of a quality carbon monoxide detector. When the presence of carbon monoxide in your home reaches a certain point the alarm is triggered, alerting you to the problem. When the alarm sounds, it is important to vacate your home and contact the proper authorities right away. Low levels of carbon monoxide exposure may trigger symptoms similar to the flu, which higher levels or prolonged exposure can lead to much more serious symptoms and even death.

There is no way to overstate the importance of a carbon monoxide detector in your home, or the fact that it must be installed by a qualified professional. It is important that your CO detector is installed in an appropriate location. Also, while some carbon monoxide detectors are battery operated, it is best to have a model that also wires directly into your electrical system. That way there is a battery backup should the power go out, as well as a hard-wired backup should the batteries die.

To learn more about carbon monoxide detectors and their installation, contact your Santa Rosa, CA electrician at Mister Sparky. We’ll help you determine which CO detector is right for your home and we’ll make sure that it is installed properly. Call now to schedule service.