Nobody wants to play with fire. Fire incidents happen due to negligence and overload of electric current. Unable to control the flow of electricity will result in serious problems. What happens next? Your family and property are at risk. Prevention of electrical fire is possible as long as you see signs of trouble.

These are the 5 signs you must not ignore:

  1. fire in overloaded power stripNever ignore the spark. Did you see a spark when someone connects the power source to your outlet? If so, then unplug it immediately and check your terminal. Some causes of electrical problems are coming from power outlets.
  2. Possible burnt smell coming from the power source. Issues must be properly isolated, so check the terminal. If everything is okay there, then focus on your outlet. There must be wires that might not be properly connected. In this case, ask a certified electrician to avoid sudden electrical fire.
  3. Discoloration of wires or outlets must not be ignored. Don’t hesitate to spend money on cable replacement.
  4. A defective home appliance. Don’t just check the home appliance itself, take a look at the power cord and make sure that darker colors are not visible.
  5. Old power outlets must be replaced as well. If you still have them at home, then it’s also a warning sign that shouldn’t be missed.

Power outlet failure happens all the time, but electrical fire can still be avoided by sticking to precautionary measures. A number of fire incidents can be minimized by becoming aware of the causes.