light bulbsIf you’re done with setting up your wiring at home, then it is time to check the overall quality of your light bulb. Is it still providing the quality you deserve? If the answer is No, then you must replace poor lighting with clarity. Before purchasing the product, it is better to know your preferences as a consumer. It always comes with variety whether it is yellow or warm white. Sometimes homeowners match it with the color of their walls and ceilings. The choices are endless, but you need to consider budget and quality.

Here are some practical advice before buying:

  1. Understand your needs. Don’t forget to weigh your options and don’t be overwhelmed by the knowledge of a salesperson. Make a list of sizes and shapes to avoid purchasing the wrong product.
  2. Get familiar with your light bulb. The standard type in the U.S. market is called A19 with E26 base. The ones being sold in Europe has E27 base.
  3. Buying decisions must not be based on watts alone. Check the value of lumens since most people go for the clarity, not the energy it consumes. 1600 lumens is good enough to get a certain clarity you deserve.
  4. Select the type of color. You must know your preferred color by now. The common choices are warm white, blue and yellow.
  5. Look for more options based on your budget. Energy-saving bulbs have 620 lumens, and clarity is satisfactory. The LED type bulbs are little more efficient with 800 lumens. Additionally, the Smart bulbs are also LED type, but computers or smartphones must control them.

It’s not so hard to buy a light bulb in the market today. If you’re ready to go out and purchase one, then it is best to know products that are available for you.

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