Home Electrician in Santa Rosa, CAWhether you need a light fixture fitted or a complete rewiring of your residential electrical system, you will need to find a competent and reliable home electrician to do the job.

Hiring a Home Electrician in Santa Rosa, CA

Here are the top five things you should look for when hiring a home electrician:

License and insurance

These two are of utmost importance. Don’t hire a home electrician who isn’t licensed and insured.

Licensed electricians undergo extensive training to be able to legally conduct electrical work. Hiring a licensed home electrician ensures you that he or she can do the job safely and in accordance with electrical codes.

Before you hire a home electrician, make sure that he or she has coverage. Ask for proof. Electricians should have liability insurance because handling electricity is dangerous work.


Ask about apprenticeships, accreditations, and certifications. Hiring Master Electricians is a good idea as they have at least 3 years experience in electrical work. When you hire accredited electricians, you can be sure that they will provide the highest possible standard of workmanship and that they are well-versed in electrical safety.

Good reputation

Ask friends for referrals. If you’re considering hiring a home electrician, look for him or her on the Better Business Bureau and check the internet for online reviews of his or her services.

Fair and competitive quote

Before you hire a home electrician, get at least three quotes for the same project. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the materials and services so you can compare the estimates you get from each electrical contractor.

Good communication

Easy communication is important. You want to be able to communicate your concerns and requests and you want a contractor who is receptive to them.

Keep these in mind the next time you’re looking to hire a home electrician. Good luck!