There are a number of areas of home repair that you should never attempt to undertake on your own, no matter how much of a “do-it-yourself” enthusiast you are. The part of your home that you should absolutely leave to the professionals is its electrical system. Not only do amateur electrical repairs pose the risk of dangerous, high-voltage shocks, but improper repairs can easily create fire hazards and violate the local electrical codes. Whether for hobbyist reasons or to save money, leave behind that DIY impulse and instead call an electrician in Santa Rosa, CA to handle the skilled repair work and keep you and your home safe.

Here are 3 indications that you need to have electrical repairs done in your home, or at least bring in a trained electrician to investigate the problem. For the trained work that will get the job done fast and right the first time, rely on Mister Sparky. We promise we’ll be on time… or the repair is free!

3 Warning Signs to Call for Electrical Repair

  • Flickering lights: No, it’s not ghosts. Flickering lights are usually an indication of power surges. A power surge doesn’t have to come from a catastrophic event like a lightning bolt. The more common reason for surges is that appliances in your home are making demands on the electrical system that it can’t handle, leading to an imbalance that causes these surges. The surges will eventually take a toll on appliances around your home, and it might be time to upgrade the wiring. An electrician will find out what work you need done.
  • Continually tripped circuit breakers: A tripped breaker in your circuit breaker panel now and then is usually the fault of plugging in too powerful a device. But if the breakers start tripping on a regular basis, it could mean that the panel needs repairs, or there are bad circuits inside the house that need to be looked at right away.
  • Warm or sparking outlets and switches: A common electrical repair is fixing faulty wiring inside light switches and outlets. This kind of bad wiring has the potential to cause electrical fires. If you notice that light switches are warm to the touch, or that the outlets often cause sparking, it is a warning to call for professionals to see if the wiring needs repair, or if you should upgrade to a new switch or outlet.

Although some of these warnings may seem like small events that you can ignore, you should never let a repair need go without attention. The potential danger is too great. You should take extra caution if you live in an older home, since the wiring may be outdated and no longer capable of handling the power demands placed it.

Contact Mister Sparky to schedule repairs as soon as you think you need them. We have 24-hour emergency service available, so you have no reason to wait when you need an electrician in Santa Rosa, CA.