Here in Santa Rosa, electrical repair services can do more than just fix faulty wiring. It can also expand your electrical system to include new electrical outlets (as well as modifying your breaker box to support them if necessary). Expanding your electrical system requires professional attention, but if you can do it, it offers a number of advantages that make the cost worthwhile. Here are 3 reasons to add electrical outlets to your home.

  • Convenience. We live in a world increasingly reliant on electricity, running everything from your computer to your home entertainment system. Such set-ups involve multiple components, all of which require outlets to function. More electrical outlets gives you the ability to handle the demand quickly and easily, without relying on any one single outlet.
  • Safety. Overloaded outlets can constitute an electrical hazard for your home, or at least run the risk of tripping the circuit breakers. Similarly, stretching an electrical cord across a room in order to plug it into a distant outlet presents a danger of tripping, which reducing the aesthetic value of the room to boot. Adding an additional outlet can help alleviate that problem.
  • Versatility. New electrical outlets give you more options when arranging the room, as well as allowing you to move things like lamps and television screens to different positions without compromising the overall look of your room. Extension cords can sometimes make up for that, but again, if you’re looking to improve the versatility of the room, then a new outlet is usually your best option.

Extra electrical outlets are easy for a trained electrician to install, and can bring a great deal to the room where they’re found. Was our society grows more complex and we need more and more electronic devices to stay connected to the world, reasons to add extra electrical outlets will only increase. The Santa Rosa electrical repair electricians at Mister Sparky are on-hand to help. We can explain the installation proves in great detail, we handle calls throughout Santa Rosa, electrical repair is one of our specialties, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. Give us a call to make an appointment today!