There is such a thing as the world becoming too convenient. Internet searches allow us to look up any service we could want, yet we end up with so many choices that we have no idea where to start when actually choosing one. This problem applies to electricians as much as to television repair technicians, plumbers, and auto body shops. Among all your choices for an electrician in Santa Rosa, CA, how can you narrow the options down to only the best ones?

One method is to list the qualities that you most want in an electrician and then use these criteria to winnow down your options. We’ve put together 3 qualities we think every electrician worth hiring should have. Once you take a look at this list, we think you’ll agree that Mister Sparky belongs on the top of your own list of electricians.

1. 24-hour emergency service

Few troubles that can occur with appliances in your home need assistance as fast as electrical ones. Electrical emergencies don’t happen on convenient timetables: they always seem to occur at the worst possible times. You need to have an electrician willing to work the odd hours of the day or night, ready to rush to your assistance whenever you need electrical troubles solved. Make sure you rely on an electrical contractor with 24-hour emergency services.

2. Fully licensed

Although anyone with a tool belt can claim to work as an electrician, the law of the State of California requires that anyone who performs work as an electrical contractor be licensed through the Contractors State License Board and have certification by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. An electrician will show you his or her license upon request to prove that it is up to date. Under no circumstances should you permit any unlicensed contractor to work on your home’s electrical systems.

3. A satisfaction guarantee

An electrical contractor confident in the work its staff provides will offer a money-back guarantee. When you see a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll know the company takes pride in the job it does and knows it can deliver the quality you want on any installation or repair.

Mister Sparky not only offers a satisfaction guarantee, but also a guarantee of on-time arrival. We know your time is valuable, and we go the extra mile to make sure your work gets done promptly. We are fully licensed, and our 24-hour emergency service will make certain you don’t have to sit in the dark for too long when the wiring fails late at night. When you want a professional electrician in Santa Rosa, CA, make us your first call. We think we’ll be your only call.