In Santa Rosa, CA, electrical repair means more than just changing a few light bulbs. We experience very warm summers – necessitating a good air conditioning system to stay cool – and our warm summer nights make outdoor lighting a marvelous way to enjoy a barbecue or patio party during magic hour. So when your electrical system needs to be repaired, you need to act quickly before it impacts your quality of life. Here are 3 electrical repair needs you should be concerned about if you’re having trouble with your electrical system.

  • Loose wiring or plugs. Loose wiring results in flickering light or lights that only work intermittently. They can be dangerous because they can spark, igniting a fire with nearby objects. More subtly, they can interfere with your ability to get safe, clean power for your lights and appliances. Similarly, loose plugs in your outlet can create a fire hazard, as well as setting yourself up for a nasty shock when you try to unplug an appliance. A trained electrician can deal with the issue by replacing the faulty component with a new one.
  • Faulty circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are designed to cut off power to an outlet (or outlets) in your home rather than risk an overload. Otherwise, the overload could cause a fire or worse. If the breaker itself is malfunctioning – say by tripping randomly or by refusing to trip if there’s an issue — it’s a serious problem that need the attention of a professional.
  • Older electrical systems. If you live in an older home – and Santa Rosa has its share – you may have an electrical system that is out of date and doesn’t meet current electrical codes. This is especially concerning since so much of modern life depends on electrical power; your system may not be set up to meet the needs of computers, internet service and HD televisions, just for starters. Replacing or upgrading your system

If there are electrical repair needs you should be concerned about, it helps to have a trained expert in your corner. The Santa Rosa, CA electrical repair professionals at Mister Sparky handle electrical issues, and are on call waiting to give you a hand. Contact us today to make an appointment.